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Franchise Discovery helped us set up our waffle franchise, from start to finish. We didn't have to run about for licenses, and all the paperwork was taken care of. We are now running the business happily. Thank you Franchise Discovery.



When we first came to Franchise Discovery, we didn't have much idea about starting a business. My wife and I are both from the service industry, but we wanted to get into business so that we could stop the 9 to 5 routine. We were helped beyond our imagination, and hope to start more businesses in the future.

Ranjan Singh


Franchise Discovery made it easy for us to find investors for the business. It really helps when you have contacts in the marketplace, and we're happy to associate ourselves with Franchise Discovery.

Shrenik Shah


Being in the franchise business for long we have come across many people. We have found Franchise Discovery to match us with the right investors according to their needs. This helps us as well as the investors, many of who are investing for the first time.

Ankit Shah


I thank everyone at Franchise Discovery for the smooth functioning of starting our set up. We were skeptical at how to run a fast food business, but we got all the help and expertise we needed and couldn't be more relieved. We are now thinking of taking up another franchise of desserts this time. Hope things go well again.